FIZIWOO Lebaran 2019 Collection

FIZIWOO, catering high-end Ready-To-Wear line stresses on the laborious embellishment that the house is known for; applying handmade process such as ‘Tambour’ beadwork and hand embroidery technique to complete traditional silhouettes; applying traditional technique with modern design motifs. The collection presented 25 pieces, using custom made ‘Batik’ and ‘Tenun’ as the main muse.

This year Lebaran gives the designers a chance to explore and showcased new technique of Batik. Each design was painstakingly hand-drawn exclusively made in-house applying contemporary motifs by introducing freehand drawn parallel lines, abstract motifs and different type line inspired batik. FIZIWOO also use Shibori technique as one of highlight of its ‘Batik’ collection.

As for FIZIWOO Tenun pieces, it was made exclusively for the brand by Tenun Pahang Diraja Felda which has develop exclusive design for the brand in multi-colored line motifs and the pattern was carefully placed to give a luxurious outlook during Eidulfitri. The designers played with jewel tones color palette as the base. Variety of ‘bunga colek’ and stripes pattern beautified the traditional fabrics, constructing each piece in traditional silhouettes finished with contemporary embellishment motifs by injecting several couture techniques from the artisans behind FIZIWOO in creating the finest look for Lebaran 2019 collection.

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