FIZIWOO Spring Summer 2020 Collection – Unity in Diversity

FIZIWOO Spring/Summer 2020 showcases a collection of nature majorly inspiring Malaysia’s most cherished fruit, durian in the setting of its own orchard. En route of celebrating its 62nd Independence Day, Malaysia remains vibrant and peaceful despite several racism issues raised around the corner. And the major contributor to the source of unity is of course our collective love for foods, especially durian(s). Durian is famous for its remarkable taste which gives a choice of either you hate it or absolutely love it. With strong stems that transform from beautiful and feminine white flowers to spiky exterior, the fruit grows and made its marks on its own orchard territory. And when the sun dawns on the orchard, dark tones of green and brown with a splash of Indian orange and mustard yellow, accompanied by pastel hues splashed beneath the trees.

This dawn setting of the orchard is the main inspiration for FIZIWOO’s remarkable colour palettes for this collection. The interplay of strong colours on earthy landscape shape a bold persona while the pastel hues give a more softly defined look. The incorporation of these colour combination represents the interplay of both sides of FIZIWOO – in all seriousness and quirkiness – which are further translated within the collection’s motives and prints.

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