The collection pays homage to the Mughal Empire and highlights the splendour of traditional Malay wear embellished with Indian art. WOOFIZIWOO wants our wearer to feel and experience our narrative through the pieces. Using the lens of our designer, Mr. Fizi, this collection taps into the core value of Hari Raya centered around creating memories and bonding with loved ones.


When families get together at this time of year, the Mughal Raya exudes a cosy, contemporary ambiance. The collection combines traditional Malay silhouettes with motifs of Indian art giving you the premium look for this Hari Raya. The fagotting lace inspired by Moghul unique carvings on their architecture serves as embellishments on the sleeves and skirts. Using sumptuous fabrics gives each piece a richer and more sophisticated look.


The Mughal Raya collection has something for everyone's taste and body type. A total of 15 designs are available in 18 colours for both men and women.


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