"The greatest love story is about a woman and her fashion, we are here to narrate a novel worth reading"


Our Story

A Step To Our Past

FIZIWOO was founded in 2009 by Hafizi Radzi Woo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A combination of his nickname and surname; FIZIWOO later in 2011 was joined by Architecture based designer, Izree Kai Haffiz.

Initially using the brand name to compete in fashion competitions together during their study years, FIZIWOO has won numerous competitions and garnered the attention of local medias and fashion enthusiasts.

The pair grew FIZIWOO from a small two-man company into a cutting-edge fashion business model that combines fine craftsmanship and top-quality manufacturing to become a powerful fashion atelier.

The Duo


Born in 1989 at Penang, Pulau Pinang; since small Hafizi Radzi Woo has always been surrounded by fabrics and fashion making. His mother owned a small tailor shop and his love towards fashion developed as he helped his mother around the shop after school. He always knew fashion design is his passion as he couldn’t be more happier sitting down and sketching; letting his hands and mind create art.

Born in 1987 at Kuala Lumpur, Izree Kai Haffiz knew nothing excites him more than putting his hands in creative works. He had explored photography, corporate branding, interior and furniture design while pursuing his architecture degree. His passion in fashion grew since he acquainted with Hafizi Radzi Woo; initially discussing creatively over coffee, they become good friends further designing together and became business partners.

Together, they have consistently conquered challenges and resiliently build FIZIWOO with currently Hafizi Radzi Woo as the Creative Director and Izree Kai Haffiz as the Managing Director.

Indulge In Our Dreams

FIZIWOO believes that there is magic when a woman love what she wears, thus FIZIWOO takes great pride in giving each of its patron the time, attention and care she needs for a memorable experience in each stages of the dress-making sessions. FIZIWOO wants the owner of its creation to fall in love with her dress from its inception to its perfection. FIZIWOO forms its strong and loyal clientele year by year; allowing the duo pleasure of serving its patrons in the way only FIZIWOO knows best.