Lunar New Year

As we bid farewell to the Rabbit and welcome the magnificent Dragon, Fiziwoo presents an exquisite Lunar New Year collection that exemplifies passion and tradition! Infusing vibrant celebratory elements into contemporary trends and timeless designs, while honoring the diverse ways individuals rejoice in style.

Dim Sum Collection 2024

The festive collection honours, or rather subverts, classic Chinese traditions by combining fine shantung with elegant forms of the cheongsam inspired pieces, but with a more whimsical artistic approach that lasted beyond the festive season. By combining fine with the elegant forms of the cheongsam, we give a whimsical artistic touch to classic Chinese fashion sensibilities.

Modern & Traditional

Explore the old-school era, delicate fabrications, body-hugging designs with high slits, mandarin collar alternatives, and strong clashes of handcrafted embellishments—all supported by the iconic glamour of Fiziwoo— as you embark on a thirteen-year journey of endless inspiration. The high collar, dramatic puffed-up sleeves, dim sum inspired keyhole neckline and one shoulder silhouette of the cheongsam to further enhance the feminine figure are examples of how tradition has been given a contemporary facelift where form meets function and femininity meets modernity.

Lunar Embroidery

Experience our exclusive lunar embroidery collection, where each piece is meticulously crafted by our team of expert artisans. With intricate lunar embroidery and elegant pearl details, these designs exude luxury and elegance. Our high-quality fabrics provide a luxuriously soft feel.

Craft sophisticated designs with intricate needlework, exquisite tailoring, and exceptional craftsmanship. The unique Dim Sum collection embodies Chinese beauty, combining breathtaking craftsmanship. Infuse daring, contemporary designs into the clothing.

Fashion designers created exclusive capsule collections showcasing traditional Chinese colors, blending comfortable loungewear with sophistication and playfulness, evoking optimism for the New Year.

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